There is no denying the popularity of Phi Phi as a nightlife hotspot. When the bass from nearby restaurants and hotels starts to thud in your chest as you step off the ferry, you’ll immediately realize this.

Alcohol and dancing are plentiful on Koh Phi Phi’s beaches if partying is your thing.

If you’re not into partying, don’t let that stop you from going. Hotels and resorts abound, many of which are located far from the nightlife’s noise.

Laem Tong Beach

Laem Tong, the most remote and conceivably most exclusive beach on Koh Phi Phi, is a true getaway location with only four resorts and fine, white sand. This beach is the one to go to if you want a tranquil Koh Phi Phi.

Laem Tong Beach is stunning, serene, and secluded because it can only be reached by boat and is located at the far northern end of Phi Phi Don, 45 minutes from Tonsai Village.

It is absolutely dissimilar to Tonsai. The luxurious Zeavola, the four-star Holiday Inn, and the three-star P.P. resorts are the only four upscale resorts in the area.

Only reachable by boat, Koh Phi Phi Don’s Laem Tong Beach is on the island’s northeastern coast and is a great place for a tranquil getaway. You are almost completely alone, which is the complete opposite of Tonsai Village, which is constantly busy. Only the noise of longtail boats and speedboats carrying passengers to Tonsai Village or Bamboo Island disturbs the tranquil sound of waves lapping against the nearly one kilometer-long beach.

Sea gypsies have lived in Laem Tong Beach for a considerable amount of time. They built a village on Koh Phi Phi Don’s northernmost point. This village is still there, but it is now surrounded by a sizable number of beach resorts. The Laem Tong beachfront is also home to a few smaller resorts.


Hin Klang, Bamboo Island, and Mosquito Island are all in close proximity to Laem Tong Beach but are too far away to swim to. Take a boat tour of these islets, which feature some of Phi Phi’s top snorkeling locations. Railay Beach and Koh Lanta are visible in the distance. Up until the coral starts, the seafloor along Laem Tong is a uniform depth of at least 100 meters. A dropoff that leads to much deeper levels is found shortly after that.

Laem Tong Beach doesn’t have any public beach chairs or sun loungers for rent, but the majority of hotels do. In front of the Vacation Inn Resort Phi Phi Island, hammocks can be found in the shade of coconut palms.


Laem Tong Beach

Laem Tong Beach is a tranquil location that offers just enough entertainment. Along with beach volley, soccer, badminton, and Thai cooking classes, popular water sports include snorkeling, kayaking, and scuba diving. To find excellent snorkeling, swim out to the drop-off. In the waters in front of Phi Phi Natural Resort, there is a coral reef at the beach’s northern end. You can board a longtail boat to travel to either Bamboo or Mosquito Islands, both of which have pristine beaches and stunning snorkeling locations.

On Laem Tong Beach, there are at least 2 dive shops that can take care of all of your diving needs while also providing courses and day trips. You can play soccer or volleyball on the beach at dusk with locals, hotel staff, and visitors.

Between Laem Tong Beach and Loh Bagao Bay, a footpath runs along the hills. The Phi Phi Island Village Beach Resort and nearby businesses are just a pleasant 30-minute stroll away.

The main draw in Laem Thong is snorkeling. You can dive off the beach because it has a fantastic coral reef after a brief swim out to sea.

At the beach, there is a dive shop where you can reserve trips to some of the amazing dive sites nearby.

The only other activity on the beach is to unwind. Laem Tong doesn’t have any deck chairs or loungers, but the hotels and resorts along the beach do.

Travel Essentials

Laem Thong can be reached on foot, but the footpath that goes to the beach can be quite steep in spots, making it unsuitable for young children. The best way to get to the beach is by longtail taxi, which takes about 10 minutes and would take at least two hours to walk there.

Between December and February, when the water visibility is at its best, is the best time to go diving and snorkeling.


The majority of the eateries along this stretch are part of hotels or resorts, and they all serve high-quality food. But there are also some excellent independent eateries. Your dinner will frequently be delivered by candlelight on the sand. It’s incredibly romantic! Thus, honeymooners frequently travel to Laem Tong. The Chili and Pepper Restaurant is a nice, authentic Thai restaurant that is simple to miss. The restaurant has a nice view, good food, and a Thai vibe, and all the food is freshly made.


A longtail boat from or to Tonsai Village is the most effective way to get to Laem Tong Beach. Laem Tong Bay is visited by some ferries traveling from Krabi and Phuket. It is wise to visit during the daytime as rates are lower then they are at night. Each direction takes about 45 minutes.


Even though Koh Phi Phi Don’s nightlife has a reputation for being a little wild, it’s one of the best Phi Phi Island activities if you want to have a good time while drinking, eating, playing games, dancing, and mingling with others.

For a casual beer and a sporting event, Jordan’s Irish Pub or Indie Sports Bar are great options. As opposed to Stockholm Syndrome, which is a fun place to dance in a loud, lively nightclub.

There are a ton of places to party on Koh Phi Phi Don, so all you have to do is wander around, follow the music, and order yourself a famous Thai drink bucket, and you’re sure to have an epic night after checking out the best things to do in Koh Phi Phi Island! Carlito’s Beach Bar and Nightclub is one of the island’s oldest and most favored party spots.

The only bars and lounges in Laem Thong Beach are owned by the resort. Only a 10-minute uphill stroll from the beach will get you to Vacation Inn’s Sunset Satay Bar if you feel like a drink in the late afternoon. For the return trip, the pathway is well-constructed and well-lit. It has been designed to appear like a beer garden and offers an amazing sunset view.


One of Koh Phi Phi’s most exquisite beaches is Laem Tong Beach.

Laem Tong’s beach is almost a kilometer long and has fine, white-powder sand. The water is as blue as blue can be and is crystal clear.

On Koh Phi Phi Don’s west coast, in the far north, is Laem Tong Beach. It is secluded, so in the evenings it is peaceful here. You won’t experience any disturbance from the bars and parties that are found in the island’s center in this area. After 10 PM, when the majority of restaurants close, the area quickly becomes quiet.

If you want to put rest over nightlife, Laem Tong Beach is a nice, quiet option. The beach has lovely sand, and Laem Tong Beach offers the big perk of having some of the island’s top resorts, according to our research.

Be prepared for boat rides to Koh Phi Phi’s nightlife areas if you choose to stay on Laem Tong Beach. But a restful night’s sleep is probably worth the price of the boat rides!

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Phi Phi have a party scene?

The fact that Phi Phi is a party island is undeniable. It is Koh Phi Phi’s main attraction and what draws so many young tourists to the island. However, there is more to this place than just the nightlife.

The island is a tropical haven during the day. When the sun goes down, the island of Phi Phi quickly transforms into a vibrant party scene. Party buckets are sold on every corner, and clubs are turning up the volume. Phi Phi has the best of both worlds: it has a distinctive combination of nature, sun-kissed beaches, and warm clear oceans.

Even though the island can be a little quieter during the day, there’s always a party going on somewhere! On Phi Phi Island, there are parties happening all the time. If pool parties are your thing, head over to the Ibiza Beach Club where day drinking is encouraged and perfectly acceptable. Pool parties are becoming more and more popular.

Even though the daytime celebrations are hardly comparable to the wild Phi Phi Island nightlife, they are sufficient to firmly establish Koh Phi Phi as a party island.

Although Phi Phi has an incredible nightlife, it’s not the only party island in Thailand.

What accommodations are best for Phi Phi Island nightlife?

The Phi Phi Island nightlife is located closer to the long beach, along Tonsai Beach or Nice Beach. Some hotels are quieter than others, away from this area.

If you’re a backpacker coming here to party, you’ll probably want to stay at a party hostel close to the action. Some of the party hostels are located in the town, while others are right on the beach. But whichever location you choose, it will be lively!

Should you visit Koh Phi Phi Island?

Overall, you ought to go to Koh Phi Phi Island at least once in your lifetime.

You won’t regret kayaking through the lagoons or viewing the sunset at Koh Phi Phi Viewpoint on this incredibly picturesque island, despite the large number of tourists.

Does Phi Phi Island cost much?

Phi Phi Island is significantly more expensive when compared to the rest of Thailand, particularly Northern Thailand.

However, Koh Phi Ph is still much less expensive than in the west.

On Koh Phi Phi, steer clear of the western cuisine. There are a variety of eateries on the island, and many tourists indulged in western cuisine. Keep to Thai cuisine!

If you want to spend less while visiting Koh Phi Phi Island, I strongly advise avoiding alcohol and engaging in inexpensive or cost-free activities.

Is visiting Phi Phi Island safe?

Thailand is a very safe destination for travelers overall. The majority of crimes are minor ones like pickpocketing, and the crime rate is very low.

This also applies to Koh Phi Phi. The crime rate is still extremely low. But because it’s a well-known party island, there are lots of inebriated tourists around.

Always be aware of your surroundings and stick with a friend when traveling anywhere. Store your items nearby.

You can stay safe on Koh Phi Phi Island if you keep these simple suggestions in mind.

Notably, neither automobiles nor motorcycles are permitted on Koh Phi Phi. Although they are a major cause of death in Thailand, traffic accidents are not a concern here.

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