Is Maya Bay the Same as Phuket Island?

There are many beautiful beaches in Thailand, but Maya Bay has become famous because it was featured in The Beach, a popular movie. However, this beach is actually located on Phi Phi Island and not its own island. In fact, there are two nearby beaches that are often mistaken for Maya Bay: Laem Tong Beach and Bamboo Island. If you want to see the real thing then come visit these places!

Are they two different places?

Maya Bay

Are you wondering if Maya Bay and Phuket Island are the same place? They’re not! But they do share a few things in common:

Maya Bay and Phuket Island in Thailand seem like the same beach, and if you searched online you might think so, but they are actually two completely different beaches on Phi Phi Island just a short distance from each other. The beach was made famous in The Beach, a movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio.

The Maya Bay is located on the southern tip of Ko Yao Noi which is one of several islands that make up Phuket Province. It’s right next door to the main island called Ko Yao Yai which is where most tourists go when they visit Thailand.

The Maya Bay is on a small peninsula off this island and can only be accessed by boat or longtail taxi boat ride into its tiny cove with white sands leading up to tall cliffs that surround it on all sides except for where boats dock at Pileh Cove Beach Club. There are kayaks available free for guests who want to explore around or even snorkel out past coral reefs before coming back again later in the day so it doesn’t get too crowded (although during high season these spots tend not only swarmed by tourists but also locals).

In fact, there is also another beach nearby that is often mistaken for them, as well.

Laem Tong Beach is a popular beach on the Phi Phi Islands, located on a small peninsula near the main group of islands. The beach features similar white sand and clear blue water as Maya Bay, which can be reached by motorboat or ferry from Phuket. 

To get to this area from the main pier in Ao Nang, take the Krabi Boat Lagoon Ferry to Phi Phi Don village and then transfer to a smaller boat to get to Laem Tong Beach.

Laem Tong Beach is known for its white sand and clear blue water—great for snorkeling!


Phuket is a great place to explore and find your next beach holiday. With its tropical climate, beautiful beaches, and friendly locals, it’s no wonder why so many people visit this island every year! 

If you’re looking for something a little different than your typical resort vacation but still want access to luxury amenities like spa treatments and gourmet food options then consider booking an all-inclusive hotel in Phuket Thailand.

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