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Is Phi Phi Island Worth Visiting

Is Phi Phi Island Worth Visiting

The Phi Phi Islands is still one of the most popular destinations in Thailand, and its natural beauty is one of a kind. The Koh Phi Phi are six islands located in the Andaman Sea. Every island is trendy and beautiful, a dream place to visit for tourists. They are known for their clear sparkling beaches and limestone cliffs.

The Koh Phi Phi is one of the most stunning destinations globally, and everyone should get the chance to see it all! Get a tour company and experience a day trip, island tours to the main islands, explore paradise Ko Phi islands, and its favourite places have to offer.

Koh Phi Bucket List: What to Experience

Each inhabited island has hot weather all year round, with temperatures of 24 to 32, but the winters of November to March are perhaps the perfect time to visit Thailand, as these months are when it’s a lot less humid.

Typical temperatures will be around 28 with cool breezes. There are hefty rainfalls in September and October, so tourists who want to do outdoor activities will need to avoid these months.

1. Maya Bay

Maya Bay

Maya Bay is a stunningly beautiful destination sheltered by 100-meter-high cliffs on three sides. Enjoy several beaches here, mostly small, and some exist only during low tide. Its main beach is about 200 meters long with silky soft white sand. The whole bay is one big reef, and the underwater scene features colourful coral and exotic fish in crystal clear water.

Maya Bay became a top attraction on Koh Phi after ‘The Beach’ of Leonardo DiCaprio was shot here. It was always viral before the film, but people worldwide who haven’t even heard of Koh Phi have heard of Maya Bay ever since the movie came out.

2. Bamboo Island

Is Phi Phi Island Worth visitingTourists searching for peaceful and tranquil travel experiences should visit Bamboo Island. As a remote location, this beautiful island is usually never crowded. You will need to book a longtail boat or hire speedboats for a day tour. It is a perfect idea for advanced divers to bring snorkelling gear as there is lots of marine life here that no one should miss out on experiencing.

Keep in mind the entrance fee of $12, but it is worth swimming, and there is even a beach shack where you can get food and drink.

3. Krabi Town

Krabi Town

The capital of southern Thailand’s Krabi Province, this town is a resort town near the Andaman coast. It lies in an area of limestone karsts and mangrove forests. The Tiger Cave Temple is a Buddhist site with panoramic views on a hilltop reached by stairs.

Khao Kanab Nam, two slanting hills rising from the water, form a local landmark. Andaman Sea locations like the Koh Phi Islands are accessible by ferry.

4. Loh Dalum Beach

Loh Dalum Beach phi phi

This destination is a breathtakingly beautiful and almost enclosed bay on Koh Phi Island. It has very shallow water that gets warmed by the sun so that it can be the temperature of a warm bath at times!

Loh Dalum has silky, soft, white sandy beaches and turquoise water with a chorus of birdsong – and all year round, there are no waves. You can walk hundreds of meters and still be only waist-deep in water, making this beautiful place excellent for basking in the sun. You have to stroll a little further to the water’s edge at low tide.

5. Loh Samah Bay

Loh Samah Bay

Also called Sama Bay, this place is among the most famous sites of Koh Phi islands. It is located on the island’s southern tip on the eastern side. This bay has a tiny islet in the centre and a tiny beach at the back of a small canyon in its northern part. Loh Sama is reputed for its snorkelling and diving opportunities.

6. Monkey Beach

Monkey Beach

This long beach is a small cove on Koh Phi Phi, only accessible either by boat or kayak, but visitors are recommended to book tour boats. An uninhabited island, this small island is a small sandy area and becomes very busy. To avoid this inconvenience, you are suggested to try arriving in the morning before all the rented speedboats turn up.

Tourists visit this destination to see the friendly monkeys, and although some people do, you as a visitor are not encouraged to feed the monkeys here. These monkeys survive by hunting for their food and will surely snatch anything they can, so you need to be careful of your belongings.

7. Tonsai Village

Tonsai Village

This island is the bustling heart of Koh Phi Don’s Tonsai Bay. There are no cars and roads, and you are provided only footpaths. This popular village is situated on the famous isthmus south side of Koh Phi across from Loh Dalum.

Before the last trip leaves at 14.30, Tonsai streets are filled with you and inbound or outbound travellers. After the last ferry leaves the island, the roads are empty, quieter, and more peaceful.

The village anthill wakes up again in the evening, filling hungry holidaymakers, shopping, nightlife, and others. Some isolated areas for nightlife allow night parties with the locals. Koh Phi is an island of loud music; in the end, the bike and the boat are the only transport on the island, not considering your feet.

8. Viking Cave

Viking Cave Phi PhiThese caves are among the main attractions in Koh Phi islands. Although it’s not open for tourists to enter anymore, tour boat operators(find another word) will be kind enough to get their boats close sufficient to the entrance so you as a visitor can still have a peek inside and get some Thailand pictures.

Ancient Viking ship drawings were discovered on the cave’s walls, believed to be done by pirates or sea gipsies who had their stop there for shelter from storms. Many ledges are found inside the cave, and these are home to birds called swifts. The nests made by these birds are used for bird nest soup, which is popular, but the nests are believed to be caused by bird saliva.


Visit and experience Koh Phi paradise now and go the right direction with all these incredible locations in Thailand for yourself worth visiting! Book your trip now, save money, and enjoy this get the time of your life.

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