10 Mistakes To Avoid While Visiting Phi Phi Island

Don’t wish you knew then, but you can do the right things now. That is when you visit Phi Phi Island. Primarily, you have to avoid committing certain mistakes when you go there.

This article will elucidate on what these blunders are so that you can have a smooth-sailing and hassle-free holiday on these beautiful isles.

What Should You Avoid Doing When Visiting Phi Phi Island?

visiting phi phi island


1. Wearing the wrong clothing.

The vibe on Phi Phi Island is simply chill, with a relaxed and comfortable dress code. During the daytime, it’s okay to walk around in your bikinis, shorts, or swimsuit.

One thing you should avoid is sunbathing topless on any of the beaches. It is unacceptable because a large Muslim community inhabits the place.

Never sit in a restaurant when you are shirtless, particularly in the evening. There typically is a no-shoe policy imposed by a lot of shops on the island. So your cue is the pile of shoes outside the area to leave yours.

beach clothing

2. Overpacking your stuff.

The mood on the island is informal. You can laze and relax there as much as you want- in your swimsuit and your bikini. Local fishermen and gypsies reside the place, so you don’t have to worry about impressing anybody. So go easy on packing your stuff. There’s no need to overdo it.

It’s not like you’re going to Paris so you’ll tag along your gown and high heels, but for the most part, you’ll be strolling around barefoot on the beach wearing your “I love Phi Phi” tees.


3. Staying in one place.

By all means, explore the island. Don’t just settle on a beach and complain that it’s just too busy. From the main beach or the secluded private resorts, you can walk and look around stunningly tranquil locations. If you happen to want to stay in a peaceful place, do your research and settle your accommodation at a distance from the main strip.


4. Assuming that everything comes at an easy price.

Thailand is one of the most affordable and beautiful destinations in the world. But don’t expect everything to be cheap there like in the 90s. Prices on the island have gone up. Nevertheless, the cost is more tolerable compared to Europe, Mexico, or the Caribbean. Be easy when dealing with bargains because most vendors rely on selling for their daily income.


5. Petting or feeding the wild monkeys.

Despite looking nice and cute, monkeys on Phi Phi Island are wild. Steer clear of touching or feeding them, or else you’ll end up being injected with rabies vaccination in a clinic. It’s best that you stay far from the monkeys and just observe them.

Feeding those wild animals are actually detrimental. In a sense that their natural behavior will be altered. If they depend on the food given by the guests, they will no longer hunt and instead go to the town. This can be very dangerous because they could get exposed to electric lines and die tragically.

feeding the wild monkeys


6. Having too much booze.

Booze and buckets are cheap in Phi Phi Island. This place is known for its fun nightlife and parties. You might be tempted to guzzle up hordes of alcohol. It’s all too well until you wake up the next day without any memories of the previous night and with a big headache of a hangover.

It may feel fantastic, but this behavior is not advisable. How about just taking a few bottles of beer or glasses of a decent drink? You’ll have a pleasantly “aware” experience and great memories to bring home.


7. Not paying for a credible and good quality boat trip.

It’s worth paying a little extra to experience awesome happenings in Phi Phi, especially when it comes to boat trips. Pay for quality, so to speak, because the cheapest is the worst in this aspect.

Work with a licensed agency to secure yourself a pleasant and guaranteed boat trip. It has to be arranged with people who know what they are talking about. Look for the TAT license sign with the particulars you are dealing with so that you avoid cancellations, and refund issues and guarantee your travel insurance.


8. Buying prohibited souvenirs.

Do away with buying souvenir items that are made of shark teeth, seashells, corals, and the like. It is forbidden to export these pieces and they’ll end up being confiscated. Aside from that, you’ll be charged a huge fine.

In the same way, don’t collect stones and seashells from the shoreline to bring home. It is at your discretion to preserve nature and leave its pertinent components where they belong.

Take note that it is also prohibited to acquire any images, posters, photos, and statues of the Buddha. You need a special permit to do so. The Thais are very serious about these rules, so comply as much as possible even if shop owners tend to keep mum about them.


9. Participating in acts of animal cruelty.

It may seem far off, but a lot of people are predilected to do this. By supporting businesses of tiger sanctuaries, dolphin shoes, zoos, and elephant rides, among others, you become an accomplice to animal cruelty.

If you want to see elephants in Thailand, look for a legitimate sanctuary that takes care of such retired and rescued animals.


10. Not putting on sunscreen.

You want to bask in it, so you’ll want to be sun-kissed instead of triple-baked when having a beach holiday in Phi Phi. A permanent layer of SPF 50 sunscreen should be applied all over your face and body to prevent yourself from looking like an overcooked lobster.

Consider that just 20 minutes of being exposed to the mid-day sun can ruin your looks and your skin, as well as your entire vacation.

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put on sunscreen

Final Thoughts

It’s terrific to be informed and knowledgeable before getting on with a deed. The above tips are straightforward, but you could have a catastrophic experience on a vacation on Phi Phi Island if you didn’t know them.

So now you know. Have a fun time!


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