Perfect One-Week Itinerary to Phi Phi Island🌴

Looking for the best one-week itinerary for Phi Phi island? Here’s your complete guide!

After months of sleepless nights and hard work at the office or school, it can be gratifying to go on a vacation trip to help you relax and rejuvenate. Yes, a five-day itinerary will already suffice. But, if you truly want to maximize and have the time of your life, why not make it one week and have the perfect Thailand island-hopping itinerary and Southern Thailand island life experience at Koh Phi Phi island?

Stick around and have a worthwhile read on how to have a perfect one-week itinerary to Koh Phi Phi Island 👇

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Day #1

Perfect One-Week Itinerary to Phi Phi IslandTypically, the first day is allotted for settling in the place or destination you’ve planned to go to. For this instance, it’s Koh Phi Phi Island. This majestic island is located in Southeast Asia, specifically in the Andaman Sea, located in Southern Thailand near the country’s other famous island, Phuket Island.

This small archipelago is home to six or more islands if you’re resourceful and would genuinely dig into this destination and discover places and spots typical tourists won’t experience. Tour options may already be included when purchasing tickets online as part of a Thailand island-hopping itinerary package.

When you arrive at the international airport, make sure to find a budget accommodation of private rooms if you don’t have anything yet. This step can be crucial, especially during the high season of tourists in Koh Phi Phi.

Day #2 

best spots on phi phi

Before Day #1 ends, check for your itinerary for the following day because this day is the start of your one week of pure fun and relaxation. And what better way to do it is through island hopping. There are many boat tours available on the island. Most Koh Phi Phi island boat tours will take you to the best spots like;

Maya Bay is famous mainly because of Leonardo DiCaprio’s 2000 movie, ‘The Beach.’ Experience a Maya Bay Tour to explore more of the wonders this bay has in store. It’s important to know that, finally, Maya Bay is open to the public again after years of being closed for the sole purpose of its conservation. You can now step once more on ‘The Beach,’ have some lovely, Instagram-worthy photos or even have a swim around the bay.

Day #3

brown monkey sitting on white sand on the monkey beach phi phi island

By Day #3, continue your island hopping and go to other islands and locations you couldn’t reach during Day #2 or places you’ve only discovered recently. You can also go snorkelling in Phi Phi, swim, watch cute monkeys run around on white sands, and lay back on unforgettable spots and other tours.

You can also opt to have your private speed boat trip or traditional longtail boat and go on a custom-made boat tour only for yourself. Go beyond some places like the Monkey Beach and go to Khao Phing Kan, popularly known as the ‘James Bond Island’ and discover how this spot got its moniker.

Day #4

pure fun and relaxation phi phi

A boat tour in Koh Phi Phi Island might not suffice and be satisfying enough for the ocean lovers, so take your island hopping and vacation adventure to the next level.

How about diving in Koh Phi Phi? You will be astounded by the underwater world Koh Phi Phi Island has to offer there. The best dive sites provide many colours and marine life – corals, fish, Nemos, majestic turtles, friendly sharks, etc.

This experience will make you feel like you’re swimming in an aquarium. You don’t even need to be a pro for this; you can go for a snorkelling and scuba diving experience like anyone else. Bring your snorkelling gear because there are many cool dive places and sites around the other locations, including a favourite among enthusiasts in Koh Bida Nok.

Day #5

one week vacation in Koh Phi Phi Island idea

Now that you’re halfway through your one week vacation in Koh Phi Phi Island, why not try seeing the island from a different vantage point – from above. After exploring its islands and submerging into its depths, you can also try rocking climbing and cliff jumping on Koh Phi Phi Island’s limestone cliffs if you’re adventurous enough.

You can also try taking a path towards the Phi Phi viewpoint to help you see the stunning bays like Tonsai Bay, beautiful beaches, and the best islands from way up there. Signs around the island can help you find your way, along with online maps.

This viewpoint is straightforward, and the pathway to your destination is all concreted. However, be prepared to sweat loads, as there will be a lot of steps on your way to the viewpoint. Although potentially tiring, this one activity on your list of what to do on Phi Phi Island is among those that you shouldn’t truly miss.

Day #6

Loh Dalum Beach phi phiYou can devote the penultimate day of your one-week getaway to exploring beaches and everything you’ll find in them. Visit Loh Dalum Beach during a day trip using taxi boats, a beautiful beach on this west coast, or Ao Nang, a renowned long beach, if you want a quieter beach.

Another long beach, Koh Samui, is also a famous beach like Loh Dalum Beach, the same complex of an island-hopping trip as all others, delivering the same fun and worthwhile experience.

A boat tour is available using a taxi boat or the traditional longtail boat. You can also add Thai boxing to your trip and watch fights seen across the islands, a part of your day tour you should genuinely want to include in your itinerary. Continue your day trip and eat lunch by taking a taxi boat to Krabi Town or Tonsai Village, docking at Tonsai Pier.

Enjoy pad thai, street food, and fruit shakes as you explore Tonsai Pier and interact with the locals. At night, when your day tour ends, experience the island nightlife with a few bars located on these beaches, too. Some beach bars offer free drinks, with some asking for a reasonable entrance fee.

This entrance fee usually lets you into an awesome pool party or witness excellent fire shows that will surely increase your adrenaline.

End your day tour and nightlife experience of the best islands with the best of both worlds Thai culture offers.

Day #7

Thailand island-hopping itinerary

As your perfect one week, Thailand island-hopping itinerary is coming to its conclusion; with a lot of ferry tickets, numerous boat trips and tours, sands walk onto, waters dived into, and so much more – your vacation will surely be something you’ll love remembering even after years and would motivate you to come back again and again.

The air Asia has given you will last in the depths of your memory, and the Phi Phi islands will forever be a go-to place whenever you want to have another vacation.


Your one-week boat trip and island hopping escapades in the Koh Phi Phi Islands will leave a mark in your hearts and eternally whisper to you to come back and experience these best beaches and islands one more time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What activities can be done on Phi Phi Island in 1 week? 🌴🏝️

A one-week itinerary on Phi Phi Island could include activities such as island hopping, snorkeling or diving to see the marine life 🐠🐬, visiting Maya Bay made famous by the movie “The Beach” 🌊🏝️, relaxing on the beaches 🏖️, and experiencing the nightlife 🍹🍻.

How can I get to Phi Phi Island? 🛳🛴

There are several ways to get to Phi Phi Island, including taking a ferry or speedboat from Phuket or Krabi, or taking a flight to Krabi and then taking a ferry or speedboat to the island.🛳🛴

Can I find budget-friendly accommodation on Phi Phi Island?🏠💰

Yes, there are several budget-friendly accommodation options available on Phi Phi Island, including guesthouses and hostels. Also check out the best Maya Bay hotels!🏠💰

Are there any must-see sights on Phi Phi Island?🏝️🌅

Some must-see sights on Phi Phi Island include Maya Bay, where the movie “The Beach” was filmed, and the viewpoint at Phi Phi viewpoint for a panoramic view of the island.🏝️🌅

Are there any opportunities for wildlife viewing on Phi Phi Island?🐘🐒

Yes, there are several opportunities for wildlife viewing on Phi Phi Island, including snorkelling or diving to see the marine life, such as tropical fish and coral.🐠🐬 Additionally, you may also spot monkeys and birds in the island’s lush jungle areas.🐒🦜

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