Phi Phi Island Packing Checklist: Do’s and Don’ts

An island life getaway is always a great idea, especially when pristine beaches like the Monkey beach, the famous Maya Bay, the towering limestone cliffs, and the luxury resorts in Southeast Asia Thai Islands are always excellent places to go whenever the sands call you.

However, all of this great stuff should always come with a Thailand packing list to ensure that your travel to the beautiful beaches in Southern Thailand will be one to write in your travel books.

Travel Tips in Visiting Phi Islands

Travelling to Phi PhiWhen you surf the net, there are probably a hundred blogs from other travellers documenting how their travel went in their Thailand Travel, tackling all of the tropical paradises of Bamboo island, Tonsai bay & Tonsai village, the best dive sites, and beach bars of Maya bay. There are tons to be proud of in SE Asia, and you will never run out of them.

But of course, to make your travel as easy as peasy, you may want to get all the helpful tips from the virtuoso of travelling.

This gives us some of the Dos and Don’ts in travelling the Koh Phi, Thailand:

Do’s in Packing Lists

1. Secure a Travel Insurance

When you secure travel insurance, you are essentially safeguarding every risk that may come along once you are already travelling. Because, of course, you will never know when a potential threat may arise.

Say, for example, your luggage got stolen, which is unfortunate, a sudden cancellation from the accommodation when you have already booked. With all of these unforeseen events, you must come ready one step ahead of them.

2. Prepare a Beach Bag

a Beach Bag

Be ready with a bag containing all of the beach essentials such as beach swimwear, bug repellent and toilet paper, and the other toiletries such as towels, soaps, and shampoo that you will need right after you enjoy the beaches.

The importance of the bag lies in the safety of your main bag. This one should not contain anything of high value, such as your cellphone, wallet, and ATM cards, because no matter how friendly the country and the tourist areas are, you should not be still comfortable enough to leave all of these unattended.

3. Book Budget Airlines

Book Budget Airlines

It is not necessary to fly on the most luxurious flight in travelling. Sometimes, flying with budget airline services will help you save more money than you thought you could not achieve.

For reference, here are the budget airline companies you can try while in the Land of Smiles:

4. Explore All The Accommodation Options

When you book accommodation in Thailand, it is highly recommended that you should explore more rather than sticking to the first accommodation you bumped into because the chances of finding a cheaper but nice place might come to you.

You don’t want to spend a lot just to check in and find out you do not have the budget to visit the best spots anymore; try fun activities such as rock climbing, seeing wild animals, experiencing boat tours, and more.

5. Plan Your Visit During Thailand’s Dry Season

Phi Phi Island’s dry season starts from March to June.

However, for beaches, this may also mean their peak season. But frown not because Ko Phi island is not that small, so you can still enjoy the place for water sports such as learning with scuba divers, riding a long tail boat, and more.

Don’ts in Packing List

1. Do Not Bring Any Illegal Substances

When travelling to a foreign country, it is essential to thoroughly research the substances they prohibit for use inside their country’s perimeter. Here, do not expect to be welcome in Thailand while you carry substances such as:

2. Try Not To Visit Thailand during the Monsoon Season

During wet seasons, beaches tend to rise higher than they actually are and the risks of accidents are just higher compared to the dry season. If you are not fun of freezing beach getaway, try not to visit Thailand in its coolest months, from July to October.

However, what’s good about the Monsoon season is that it is also the island’s low season. This means there is a low number of tourists coming in, and they often give the best deals to attract customers. This may be your chance to save money but always remember that you don’t have to compromise your health over anything.

History of Koh Phi Don

Phi Island was not a tourist destination until modernization happened. The island has no more than 80 Muslim family habitants who mostly rely on fishermen’s way of life. The first adventurous travellers came to Phi Don in 1989 to enjoy the stunning scenery of Phi Don.

But a real motivation for tourists to visit Phi Island in 2000 was the film “The Beach” starring Leonardo DiCaprio and filmed there 2000. Because of the Hollywood movie, everybody was eager to try this beautiful Thai island.

Snorkelling & Scuba diving

Even if you’re not swimming in Maya Bay, there’s still plenty to do at Phi Island! This incredible sea life attracts many snorkelers and diving divers. Around Koh Phi Don, you will see diving stores and boat trips prepared to take you there and take you to your favourite places.

Most longtail ships also include snorkelling equipment that stops here during the tour. If you enjoy watersports, be sure to get the best possible kayaking experience.

Phi Island Boat Tours

Phi Phi Island Boat toursWhat draws most people from Phi Island is the fantastic boat trip. It offers different tour choices that range from large half-day snorkel excursions to full-day longtail boat excursions. We prefer to rent our private boat which costs us 2500 Bht for 3 hours.

This is an incredible value and gives me the freedom to stop at our favourite places to go and move. Koh Phaodon Longtail Tour!

Is there a Burger King and McDonald’s at Phi Islands?

What is the problem? This shocked us when we saw these two chain restaurants at Tonsai Village. However, the sight may leave some travellers’ mouths dry but don’t worry!

The Phi Islands offers many delicious Thai restaurants that channel Thai’s authentic, vivid culture and cuisine that you cannot find anywhere in the world.

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