Best Restaurants For Continental Food On The Beaches Of Phi Phi Island

The dining scene on Phi Phi Island is vast, varied, and exciting. It brings splendid gastronomic delights from quick to-gos to lavish candlelit meals. For the most part, you’ll find the best restaurants in Tonsai Village, which is the center of the isle.

The main attraction of dining establishments in Koh Phi Phi is usually seafood. The day’s catch is often displayed to attract customers.

Restaurants in Koh Phi Phi may have an indoor, outdoor, or “something in between” setting, and indeed, the very best ones offer the most deluxe selections. If you go for a walk in the direction of Long Beach and follow the footpath that routes the sea, you’ll find a good number of eating venues.

Tonsai Village on Koh Phi Phi offers a marvelous mix for food enthusiasts, from long-reputed restaurants to newcomers. Whatever your taste or budget, you’re sure to find a place that’ll satiate you.

Below is a list of the best continental food restaurants on Phi Phi Island.

Best Continental Food Restaurants On Phi Phi Island

1. Anna’s Restaurant

Anna's Restaurant

This is one of the long-established restaurants in the isle. A family-run dining venue, you’ll find it just beside the Moskito Diving Center. This location is in a tapered street that heads to the Phi Phi market. If you start from the pier, just go left before reaching Italiano Bar and Restaurant.

White walls enclose the contemporary structure of this place, and it is set up with dark wood furnishings and beams. On its walls, there are hanging art pieces as well.

International and Thai cuisine served in this resto is affordable, and they are done so with a healthy flair. Whether you’re craving a Swiss rosti meal in the morning, or some papaya salad, the selections in this place are to beat!

2. Oasis Bar and Restaurant

Oasis Bar and Restaurant

Right behind the Phi Phi Island Village Resort is a small village, and this is where the Oasis Bar and Restaurant is situated. Things old comprise the structure and decor of this venue, such as bamboo, wood, and thatch. It exudes an exotic ambiance being embellished with a unique and quaint style.

Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you can indulge your appetite for local and international delicacies in Oasis, and it is truly one-of-a-kind with a relaxed atmosphere.

You can try, in particular, their seafood dishes, one of which is prawn tempura. No worries about the food being exorbitant because they are affordable.

3. Grand PP Arcade Restaurant

Grand PP Arcade Restaurant Ambience

You’ll come across this popular coffee shop and restaurant at the Grand PP Arcade. This place is a small shopping mall in Koh Phi Phi where fashion and accessories shops are housed. The Grand PP Arcade Restaurant is an original family-run establishment, yet it is presented in a local style. Its location is in the Northeastern part of the Tonsai Village. Just proceed 75 meters from the Loh Dalum beach.

The surrounding neighborhood may be busy, but this restaurant is peaceful and laid-back. Western and Thai food served here is of excellent quality, specifically their renowned breakfasts. With complete amenities and friendly staff, this dining spot is one of the best in Phi Phi.

4. Efe Mediterranean Cuisine Restaurant

Efe Mediterranean Cuisine Restaurant

A choice of sumptuous specialties can be sampled in this relaxed dining venue. Among them are meats on skewers, kebabs, fresh bread and hummus, and falafel. These are just a few to mention.

The wide array of flavors served here are characterized by Mediterranean Cuisine that originates from different countries with the Southern European and Northern African sea’s border. You’ll appreciate the committed staff of this restaurant as they take the time to explain to you what their dishes are comprised of.

5. Phi Phi Bakery

Phi Phi Bakery

The name of this establishment is also spelled Pee Pee Bakery. It has long been in business on the isle, starting from 1989. This dining spot has become part of the Phi Phi Island history.

The decor of this place is mostly in white and green colors, and it sports a 2- story Phi Phi style shophouse as a structure. You’ll find it across the Italiano Restaurant.

The menu of this remarkable place is centered on bread and pastry, and these include home-baked croissants, sandwiches, pizzas, burgers, cakes, and raisin bread, among others. You’ll enjoy its laid-back atmosphere and fair prices.

6. Unni’s Restaurant

Unni's Restaurant

Run by a Scandinavian owner, Unni’s Restaurant is housed in 2 fabricated shophouses in the center of Tonsai Village. It has been in operation since 2007.

If you love people-watching, get a table on its alfresco wooden terrace. Inside the building is a large dining room.

The menu of Unni’s restaurant offers a delectable choice of Thai, Swedish, English, and Mexican foods. The cocktails they serve are popular, especially the superb mojitos. From 6 pm onwards, expect this venue to be very busy.

7. Mama Resto and The Cliff Bar

Mama Resto and The Cliff Bar

From Tonsai Pier, you can visit this impressive dining spot by walking a distance of 750 meters forward. It’s at the western point of Tonsai Bay.

As you get seated and dine on this tropical seaside resto, you can relish the awesome view of the tranquil and beautiful beach. Within its borders, you’ll be amazed to see  towering limestone cliffs. These surroundings signify the edge of the bay. Dining here at sunset is a grand experience.

8. Carpe Diem Beach Chillout Lounge

Carpe Diem Beach Chillout Lounge

In the daytime, you’ll find this place to be perfect for chilling. It is located on Tonsai Beach. At night, this venue transforms into a vibrant party bar. The nightly fire shows featured there is a major crowd drawer. The foods they serve are made of International and Thai Cuisine, as provided by the adjoining Phi Phi Villa Resort Restaurant.

9. Phi Phi Princess

Phi Phi Princess

This beachfront hotel restaurant is stationed in Central Loh Dalum. You’ll relish its open-air setup with an excellent view of an infinity pool. It features a swim-up bar along with a pool deck that overlooks the sea. Sun loungers are available for a full experience. This beachside restaurant typically offers buffet food.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the best beach restaurants on Phi Phi Island that serve Continental Food. It’s easy to find them when you take the time to explore. As one of the best tourist beach destinations in Thailand, Koh Phi Phi has been vastly developed for travelers to relish an authentic Thai and International island holiday experience.

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