Best Offbeat Locations and Activities In Phi Phi Islands

Phi Phi islands, as an archipelago, is one of Thailand’s most beautiful tourist destinations. If you love the beach or hopping islands, this is one place that will lure you. You simply will not be able to resist its crystal clear waters and the spectacular and diverse marine life underneath. Then there are the grand and towering limestone cliffs. The refreshingly lush jungles, the huge caves, and most of all, the fun and vibrant nightlife. After all, Phi Phi is also famous for being a party island.

The usual itinerary goes when taking a tour throughout the 6 islands of the archipelago. These are as exciting and rejuvenating as they can be. You can feast on the freshness and beauty of nature, and you have a plethora of activities to do, and amazing sites to visit.

What about out-of-the-ordinary places and activities to relish on the isles? Below is a list of them.

Out-Of-The-Ordinary Places To Visit and Activities To Do On Phi Phi Islands

Tour Phi Phi Leh and stop by Maya Bay

Tips To Visit Maya Bay Without Crowds

Among the isles of Phi Phi, Koh Phi Phi Leh is the second largest. This area is uninhabited, and it contains only one beach which is found in Maya Bay. If you’re yearning for a postcard-perfect view, you’ll relish it in this area. The glassy pure seas, the pristine white sand, and the exuberant tropical jungles are astounding reasons why you should take a look at this place.

Maya Bay is internationally famed, and hundreds to thousands of tourists from all around the world flock to it during the high season of November to April.

Exploring the Viking Cave is a deed you’re not supposed to miss. The rock paintings of Viking ships there are astonishing to see. These, among others, are the remarkable sites to visit in Koh Phi Phi Leh.

Explore Bamboo Island

Bamboo Island Koh Phi Phi

In Thai, Bamboo Island is called “Koh Phai” and it is one of the 6 islands of Phi Phi. It is a part of the Krabi province and is situated 5 kilometers on the northeast point of Koh Phi Phi Don. Bamboo Island is the tropical dream paradise you’ve been longing for.

Aside from the snorkeling activities you can do- as you gaze at the spectacular coral reefs below- you can also chillax with some snacks and drinks from its bar. Most tourists explore Bamboo Island in the daytime, but if you want to stay overnight, it’s fine as well. You’ll be sleeping in tents which is thrilling.

Recce world-class diving sites

scuba-diving adventures

There are remarkable diving sites in Phi Phi, and many of them are world-class. If you want to take a dispensing course, you can work with any of the heaps of professional PADI dive centers on the main island. These hubs likewise organize day trips.

Located at the west amid Phi Phi and Phuket, there are pronounced diving sites such as the King Cruiser Wreck, Shark Point, and Anemone Reef. There’s Koh Bida Nok, Nai, and Maya Bay as well which are close to Phi Phi Leh and are fantastic for an underwater exploration.

Go on a shark-watching tour

Shark Watching Tours

Watching sharks on a tour is among the most popular activities to do on Phi Phi. The waters around the archipelago are frequented by a good deal of gentle leopard and black-tip sharks. Resorts and agencies tend to organize shark-watching tours that start at 6:00 am and last until mid-day. With a professional guide, a small group of tourists can go snorkeling in the area with free gear provided.

Eight hundred meters from Long Beach is a well-known shark-watching site called shark point. You can only visit this place via a diving tour. Your memories of Phi Phi are bound to be unforgettable when you join this adventure.

Rock-climbing on tall limestone cliffs

rock climbing

As a favorite rock-climbing area in Southern Thailand, Krabi is featured with towering limestone cliffs that are also recognized as its natural landmarks. These spots are world-class, especially Tonsai Beach and Railay’s Diamond Cave. This topography lines Phi Phi Don even if it is 42 kilometers from the coast of Krabi.

At the western end side of Tonsai Bay, you’ll find the Tonsai Tower, deemed to be a nirvana for rock climbers. Being 200 meters in height, this limestone cliff has 48 different clumped routes with varying difficulty levels for climbing. This spot is suitable for beginners to experienced climbers.

Join the Captain Bob’s Sailing Booze Cruise with partygoers

Captain Bob's Sailing Booze Cruise

This experience is a fun and revelrous way of discovering amazing sites on Phi Phi island. It’s perfect for partygoers and easy-going groups. It’s boozy, yes, but undoubtedly exhilarating.

From Tonsai Bay, the cruise starts at 1:00 pm, making stopovers at Maya Bay, Monkey Beach, all the way to Loh Samah, and Wang Long Cove to Pi-Leh Bay. Visitors can snorkel or go fishing and kayaking if they want. Or else they can go cliff jumping and feed monkeys for an extraordinary experience.

Take a class at Pum’s Thai Cooking School

Pum's Thai Cooking School

Do you want to know the secret to cooking the tastiest Thai cuisine? Then take a cooking class at Pum’s Thai Cooking School. Here, you’ll discover what cooking methods and ingredients make Thai food as delish as can be. You’ll find this school/restaurant in Patong Beach and in Tonsai Village where the second branch is situated. Its third branch is in Chiang Mai.

Pum’s Cooking School’s Tonsai location in Phi Phi Don offers a wide selection of classes, from 30-minute sessions for 1 or 2 recipes, or that last for 3 hours where you’ll learn to prepare 3 recipes and the use of essential herbs, sauces, and veggies in Thai cuisine. This is indeed one of the worthy activities to do in Phi Phi because you can share your cooking knowledge back home with your family and friends.

Experience the thrill of cliff jumping

Cliff Jumping in the Phi Phi Islands

This truly breathtaking sport is popular in Phi Phi and there are plenty of spots to do it. To ensure safety, join this activity with an organized tour. Lower jumps are recommended for starters, on a height of 3 meters and gradually increasing to over 20 meters. If you prefer, you can enlist on a group tour that offers cliff jumping combined with snorkeling activities.

Have a fish pedicure at Doctor Fish

Doctor Fish phi phi

This encounter can be amusing and yet unique. It’s when you submerge your feet in a tank that contains hundreds of Garra fish. What these fishes do is peck upon the dead skin on your feet. Some would think that this activity is bizarre, while some actually find it exciting. You’re apt to feel tickled because the fish don’t have teeth. The treatment lasts for 15 to 30 minutes with the end product of your smooth and sheeny feet.

Final Thoughts

You’ll be spoilt for choice about the fun and exciting places to visit and things to do on Phi Phi Islands. The above list should give you some ideas while the rest is for you to traverse and experience in this beautiful archipelago.

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