Tips To Plan Phi Phi Island On Budget

Thailand boasts of Phi Phi Island as one of its most beautiful tourist destinations. As a stunning group of isles, you’ll be lured by its tropical charm. Indeed, it is a sultry paradise on its own, what with its warm and welcoming weather. And the places to see? They are amazing, such as the marvelous Maya Bay where the movie “The Beach” was set.

You can never get enough of the pleasures of Phi Phi Island. If you’re a beach and island-hopping enthusiast, this place is your nirvana. Then there are bars and restaurants, hotels, and resorts to give you the ultimate gastronomic, accommodation, and entertainment satisfaction. These, and more, are what await you in Koh Phi Phi.

You would expect that spending a holiday in this tropical paradise is expensive. Generally, it is because it is one of the best beach destinations in the world. Tourists from all across the globe flock here and its resorts and hotels have the most splendid amenities to offer.
So if you’re short on bucks, does it mean that you’ll miss going to the island and skip your luscious tropical fun?

Not at all. If you dig around, you can find the cheapest and most affordable locations. A little touristy acumen would do as well, such as going there off-season. Luxury is fine and tempting, but if you don’t have the budget, you still can relish a good quality and gratifying experience on Phi Phi Island. Below are some tips to do so.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Phi Phi Island?

You have to mind the timing of your vacation to avoid splurging and tearing a hole in your pocket. If your budget is limited, you can go to Phi Phi during the low season. No worries because even on off months, the weather is fine yet it is not so crowded. Then, of course, you’ll also find that hotel and resort accommodations are at their lowest.

When is the off-season on Phi Phi? It’s from May 1 until October 31. During these lean months, hotel rates are at their cheapest.

If you’re keen on having a thrifty holiday, bypass going to the island from November to March. The Christmas and New Year holidays, including Chinese New Year in February, makes a Phi Phi vacation 5 times more expensive than in the lean months.

Cheap Rooms In Koh Phi Phi- Where To Find Them

Your budget for accommodation will substantially be smaller if you plan to have your break during the off-season. Below is a handy list of cheap accommodations on the island during its lean months (May to October).

Phi Phi Don Chukit Resort

Phi Phi Don Chukit Resort

Despite its cheap rates, you’ll find this to be a good choice for accommodation in Phi Phi. Chukit Resort is located in a quiet area of the town. From the main port, you can get there in 10 minutes (on foot).

Various restaurants are nearby, and bars and the beaches are within walking distance. For 700BHT or $22 per night, you can enjoy good quality accommodation for a double room.

Harmony House, Scenery Guest House, and Tropical Garden Bungalows

Tropical Garden Bungalows

If you want to scrimp some more, you can get a cheaper basic room on any of the selections above. There is no air-conditioning and the price is incredible at 400 to 500THB or $13-$16 for two guests per night.

What if you’re planning to stay long-term on the island? You can rent a room at 8,000 to 10,000THB or $260-$320 per month.

Where To Find Cheap Foods and Restaurants

Where To Find Cheap Foods and Restaurants

The good news is, the food on Phi Phi Island is not very pricey. If you like Thai food in particular, you can dine in any of the cheap restaurants situated in the area.

Close to the main port, there’s a local market where you can access affordable food. It’s mainly offered by a variety of stalls and restaurants. You’ll pay economically but enjoy tasty meals.

Aside from the market, you can find good restos that serve cheap but tasty pad Thai and yellow noodle selections such as the Only Noodles resto. It is located at the back of the Dubliner Bar.

The Tom Yam restaurant is another fantastic choice where you can eat European and Thai dishes at budget-friendly prices.

You should buy a water bottle like the Trash Hero flask. It’s refillable, convenient, and eco-friendly allowing you to save on drinking water.

Activities You Can Do On Phi Phi On A Budget

Activities You Can Do On Phi Phi On A Budget

Take a hike to the Viewpoint

You simply shouldn’t miss this awesome trek where you’ll pay only 30THB at the entrance. Not that you do it tediously, but you can have a fun and easy hike. You can reach Viewpoint 1 next to the stairs, and Viewpoint 2 after a 20-minute walk. You can dine at the Viewpoint restaurant or stay on the wooden platform to relish the vista of the island.

Go kayaking for an exciting ride

A favorite site for this is Loh Dalum Bay. A kayak rented for three hours costs 250THB for one person and 500THB for two. You’ll avail of a better price for a whole day’s rent upon negotiation.

Snorkel off the beach

The best areas for this are Long Beach and Loh Moodee Beach. At Long Beach, you can go swimming and reach an amazing site called Shark Point. When the timing is right, you can get to see Black Tip sharks swimming around. Whereas you can snorkel at Long Beach during low tide, you have to do so at high tide at Loh Moodee Beach. Masks and snorkels as activity gear can be rented for 50THB in the town.

Trek at the northern part of the island

As you arrive at this place, you’ll chance upon cool and pristine beaches where you can relax and take a dip. Mainly they are Leam Tong and Loh Ba Kao Bay.

Take a dip in the swimming pool for free

You can visit some resorts with swimming pools and dive in for free as long as you buy food and drinks at their restos. In Don Chukit Resort, for example, you can swim for free at the rooftop pool and have a great view of Ton Sai Bay. The same goes for the infinity pools at Cobble Beach Resort and Phuppaya Seaview Resort where the panorama of the sunset is astounding. For a great gratis swim, go to the Ibiza and Princess swimming pools where the entrance is free on days when a pool party is held.

Have a relaxing massage

You avail of this at the basic massage parlors in town because there are no spas on the island. A massage at the shop is more comfortable instead of the beach, but the price is only slightly higher for the location. Thai massage costs 300THB while an oil massage is priced at 400THB for an hour.

Picturesque longtail boat trip on a budget

If you’re on a limited budget, you can join longtail boat group tours and excursions on Phi Phi. This way, you won’t miss the fun of exploring the charming beaches, caves, jungles, and other exotic spots on the island.

Steer clear of taking very cheap longtail boat rides that cost about 350 to 400THB. Chances are, the boat will be very crowded and you’ll have a poor-quality experience. It’s worth it to pay extra such as 650THB for a half-day trip and 800THB for a whole-day trip to ensure an enjoyable ride.

What About Nightlife and Bars On The Island?

Nightlife and Bars On The Island

You can hang out and wander at the beach bars on Phi Phi for free, but buy at least 1 bottle of beer to be polite. If you want to spend meagerly on your booze, buy them at the supermarket and sit down at the beach as you watch a fire show. At the Stones Bar and Slinky Bar, for instance, you can catch them at 9 pm.

At the Reggae Bar, you’ll have free entrance upon buying a drink. You can laze around and watch a Thai boxing match from 9:30 pm onwards. You can even join in a quest for a chance to win a bucket of whiskey.

At the center of the town, there’s Paddy Shack that serves cheap drinks and the best cocktail buckets at easy prices.

Final Thoughts

So how about it? Having fun and spending a holiday on Phi Phi island on a budget? It definitely is possible with the tips and ideas mentioned above.

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