Tips To Visit Maya Bay Without Crowds

If you’re a beach and island-hopping enthusiast, you cannot miss going to Maya Bay. Maya Bay is one of the main attractions of Phi Phi island in Thailand. There are plenty of other beaches in this destination, scattered throughout all of its 6 beautiful isles.

What makes Maya Bay so special? It was on this site that the movie “The Beach” was set, and it starred the gorgeous actor Leonardo Dicaprio. Right after the showing of this movie in 2000, Maya Bay in Phi Phi became all the more famous. Hundreds to thousands of tourists flock to it every day.

“Hundreds to thousands” of tourists. You cannot imagine how hefty this number is, and how this group of vacationers can make the beach overcrowded.

People sitting on towels with only a space of sand in between. Then you’ll see speedboats sailing to and fro, ever noisy with their sounds reflecting on the perpendicular rock cliffs. Longtail boats lining the shore bobbing on the water. And the people, scampering for empty spaces, some strolling or swimming, and others extending their selfie sticks as they smile, smile, and smile!

That is the usual scenario in Maya Bay late in the morning to early in the afternoon with 1:00 pm as its peak and busiest.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Maya Bay?

Tips To Visit Maya Bay Without Crowds

As much as Maya Bay is congested at the peak of the day, you’ll encounter a different situation very early in the morning, such as 6:30 am. Yes, at more or less the dawning of the sun, this marvelous beach is deserted. Hence, you can have the place all to yourself where you can sing and dance to your heart’s content. By all means, shout and jump for joy- nobody will stop you!

At sunrise, you can see the pristine white sand beaches of Maya Bay. The waters are pure crystal vivid and your only companions are the black and white birds plunking fish out of the sea. Your view of the surrounding and towering limestone formations is lucid together with their lush green summits. The sepia-colored stalactites are yours to gape at with full pleasure.

You’ll be so moved by the silence and beauty of Maya Bay early in the morning that you’ll be teary-eyed!

Where Is Maya Bay Located?

Maya Bay is a world-famous beach and it is situated in Koh Phi Phi Leh. This particular isle of Koh Phi Phi is uninhabited. What settles in it are mostly grand limestone rocks that are covered with jungles. Being part of the Mu Ko Phi Phi National Park, Maya Bay is a secured natural reserve.

As you well know, there are 6 islands comprising Phi Phi, but Koh Phi Phi Don and Koh Phi Phi Leh are the main ones. The former- Phi Phi Don is a party island that is a short distance away. Tourists deem this place as their base camp. Visitors from Phuket also sometimes take a trip to Maya Bay.

Other Sights In Koh Phi Phi Leh

Aside from Maya Bay, there are other astounding tourist attractions in Phi Phi Leh, such as the Lagoon and the Viking Cave.

The Lagoon is said to be a vast swimming pool that’s enveloped by soaring cliffs. Its waters are vibrantly glassy. It’s the clearest that you will ever see!

There is also the Viking Cave in Phi Phi Leh that houses precious and edible bird nests that are gleaned from Asian swifts. The birds create these nests from their saliva and they are typically a main ingredient of Chinese cuisine.

Tourists are not allowed to enter Viking Cave and it is kept close. However, they can see from far away how locals climb to it to harvest the nests.

How To Get To Maya Bay

Relishing the best of Maya Bay in its utmost peacefulness and beauty needs you to do one thing, and that is to wake up early. At around 6:00 am, go to the Ton Sai pier in Koh Phi Phi Don and hop in on a longtail boat. If you board at 6:15, you can get to the bay earliest and be the first ones on it. You can savor the freshness of the environment all to yourselves for about half an hour. The wonderful bonus is that you can watch the sunrise. Right before you set foot on the shore, you can stay in the boat to witness the grand golden spectacle.

See to it that you arrive at the bay earlier- before 8:00 am when tourist-filled speedboats start arriving.

You should book a private longtail boat one day earlier. You can ask for the assistance of a travel agency about this, or you can negotiate personally with a driver at the Ton Sai pier. Heaps of boats are available, and there’s always one that’s willing to take you!

How Much Is The Fee For Entering Maya Bay?

Because Maya Bay is an inclusion of a national park, tourists have to pay an entry fee to be able to disembark on it. That’s 400 baht for every person. You need to turn over the fee to the boat driver along with your rental payment.

How much is the rental for a private longtail boat to get to Maya Bay? That’s about 1,500 baht. This service includes a 3-hour trip to the bay, to Loh Samah for snorkeling, and visiting the Phi Leh Lagoon and the Viking Cave.

In any case, if you want to have a longer tour, add 500 baht to your rental for every hour.
If you want a cheaper means, you can join an organized group tour. Here, you can take a trip to Maya Bay, Monkey Beach, Mosquito Island, and Bamboo Island, among others. This costs 450 baht per person. You can opt for a sunrise tour as other schedules might not be conducive for a private experience in Maya Bay.

Can You Stay Overnight In Maya Bay?

Overnight In Maya Bay

Yes, and it’s quite an exciting experience. When the last boat leaves, you can sleep on your hired longtail boat. Granting that all the other tourists have departed, you can enjoy your exclusive stay at the beach. After the sunset, you can do an unforgettable deed and that is swimming with luminous planktons!

Final Thoughts

The above are valuable tips, ideas, and information to be able to have a memorable and worthwhile experience in Maya Bay. It’s no big secret, but you just have to get up early! At any rate, always always do everything in advance when you visit Phi Phi Island. Part of this is to make all your bookings not only for your accommodation but for your tours and boat hire ahead of time.

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