Top 7 Venues For New Year Celebration On Phi Phi Island

How about a spectacular New Year celebration- on Phi Phi Island? It’s a fun and grand event that you simply should not miss!

For one thing, you could be wondering what to do for the best NYE bash on one of the best tourist beach destinations in Thailand. You’ll be amazed to find out!

Primarily, you can party, party, party! Revel, dance, and drink the night out like it’s 1999.

Taking a midnight dip is also a fabulous idea, or perhaps you can go somewhere out of town. Then again, it would be best to stay put because Koh Phi Phi has marvelous offerings for an explosive New Year festivity.

Have a blast watching the fireworks in this tropical paradise. Join the raucous countdown at midnight. It’s a massive celebration that is to beat!

What Are The Top Venues For Celebrating NYE On Phi Phi?

The major spectacle on this eve is the fireworks. A display of these astounding sparks is best observed on the main beaches of the island. The party will start at 8 pm. Shortly after dark, the show will begin, lasting for about an hour.

If you prefer, you can watch the other two smaller fireworks displays in other areas of the island, and these start at 9 pm. By 7 pm, a large crowd will have amassed, so be sure to come to your party venue earlier.

Where are the best places to celebrate New Year with a big bang on Phi Phi Island?

Below are 7 of them, and for the most part, they are the popular bars located on the beaches.

1. Phi Phi Reggae Bar

Reggae Bar

Situated in Tonsai Village, the Phi Phi Reggae Bar is one of the long-established night spots in the area. In particular, you’ll find it in between the Tonsai and Loh Dalum bays.

You’ll have an awesome time eating, drinking, and chit-chattering with your bunch on NYE here because this place is large.

Loud music typically plays, and it contains 5 bars that are attended by congenial bartenders.

2. Sunflower Beach Bar

Sunflower Beach Bar

The hippie-era vibes dominate on this beachfront bar, and it’s truly awesome place to spend NYE. Located on the northern point of the Loh Dalum bay, the Sunflower Beach Bar is set up with mats, hammocks, and salas surrounding a bamboo and thatch structure.

As an astonishing sundowner, there couldn’t be a more perfect place to celebrate New Year on Phi Phi than the Sunflower Beach Bar. Come midnight, you can gaze at the full-panorama view of the fireworks on this bar that stands right at the beach.

3. Carlito’s Bar

Carlito's Bar

This nightclub is just buzzing, and it’s an fantastic place to spend NYE in as you go partying to reggae and house.

You’ll find Carlito’s Bar at the eastern point of Tonsai Bay. Two buildings consist of this fun place. In the afternoons, it is relaxed where you can join in poi or else yoga lessons. But at nighttime, it transforms with loud music and beach fire shows.

Indeed, your mood will be in high spirits, ready to welcome 2023 with a huge hurrah!

4. Slinky Beach Bar

Slinky Beach Bar

What a superb time it will be if you join the NYE bash in this bar. It’s an open-disco atmosphere at Slinky Beach Bar which is located at Loh Dalum Beach. Heaps of exciting activities are held here other than drinking and dancing, and these are face and body painting, a mechanical bull ride, fire shows, fire skipping, and limbo. Then again, remember not to drink too much when you play with fire in this nightclub.

Known for being affordable, your cocktail bucket orders aren’t apt to drain your wallet. As a structure, Slinky Beach Bar is made of bamboo, wood, and thatch, with large phalluses protruding from the sand as decor.

5. Ibiza Beach Club

Ibiza Beach Club

With a setting akin to discos in the city, Ibiza Beach Club in Ibiza House Phi Phi features a dancefloor right at the beach. Drinks and alcoholic beverages are cheap in this establishment and you can enjoy watching live performances while guzzling them down.

This place is chill as a sundowner, and it would be an excellent venue for celebrating NYE.
You can watch fire shows, but aside from that you can sway and move to modern trendy music. On holidays and weekends, pool parties in this bar are rave.

6. Banana Bar

Banana Bar in Koh phi phi

You’ll find this bar perched on the rooftop of the Sombrero Mexican Restaurant situated in Tonsai Village. Setting foot on this place needs you to go up a crooked spiral staircase. There is a terrace within the building and it is decorated with pavilions and brightly colored cushions and mats.

On regular afternoons, you can glance at the sunset splendidly from this location. That’s why it is one of the best choices for a venue to make your NYE revelry amazing. With a strategic position, you can obtain a stunning view of the fireworks.

7. Apache Beach Club

Apache Beach Club

At Loh Dalum Beach, you can party until dawn on NYE at the Apache Beach Club. It is one of the biggest open-air discos in the area. In the daytime, this place is so quiet, but wait until 9 pm comes! It’s when youngsters begin to crowd the place, getting frantic to party hard.

Fire dancers show off their tricks as they perform on the wooden stage set on the beach. The ambiance particularly heats up as buckets of alcohol and energy drinks are passed around, with guests grooving to loud techno and house music. Apache Beach Club, being a part of the Apache Beach House, is the ultimate party place for those who go to bed only when the music stops.

Final Thoughts

Koh Phi Phi is an overdeveloped island, and you’re apt to find the best and most luxurious resorts, hotels, bars, and party places here. You can go there on a budget, or generously splurge to have a truly fulfilling experience.

So how about it? Spending New Year’s Eve on Phi Phi Island? That would be a fantastic idea, with 7 of the top party venues indicated in this article.

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