What Islands Can You Visit On Phi Phi By Longtail Boat?

Phi Phi Island is one of the best tourist beach destinations in Thailand. With its breathtaking views of the clear blue waters, the white sandy beaches, the stunning coves, lagoons, and bays, you can never get enough of this tropical paradise.

It is no secret that a truly fulfilling Koh Phi Phi holiday doesn’t come cheap. If you have the resources, you can relish your time there in luxury. However, don’t fret. Even if you’re on a budget, you can have the ultimate fun as well.

One of the enjoyable and exciting activities that you can do on the island is to get a private longtail boat charter. It is quite charming to ride on Thailand’s iconic and traditional longtail boat. Going on a tour via this vessel can be so exhilarating that it can become a treasured memory for years and decades to come.

What happens if you get a private longtail boat charter on Phi Phi Island?

For one thing, you can customize your tour. You can set your itinerary, time of departure, and the whole program according to your wishes. If you want to stay longer at a beach or island, feel free to do so. Or if you’re bored and disinterested, you can just jump right onto the boat and leave. You can do your snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming, hiking, or climbing activities for as long or as short as you want.

The best part is, by renting a private longtail boat, you get to avoid tourist crowds. Your bunch of 14 passengers (at most) will have a fantastic and convenient time on your tour.

The Best Phi Phi Island Beaches That You Can Visit On A Longtail Boat Tour

Koh Phi Phi which is comprised of six islands is located in the province of Krabi. Traveling from Krabi to Phi Phi takes 90 minutes, while via Phuket takes 2 hours by ferry.

The two biggest islands in Phi Phi are Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Leh. Although they are of varied shapes and sizes, these isles have plenty in common, such as the pristine-looking white sand beaches, the crystal-clear blue waters, the vast line of coconut trees, and a host of other impressive spots.

Must-See Spots On Phi Phi Island

1. Maya Bay

Maya Bay

If you want to spend a satisfying time on the scenic Phi Phi isles, you shouldn’t miss going to Maya Bay. Thanks to the 1999 movie “The Beach” that was set there, this site became massively popular all across the globe. It starred the gorgeous actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

Although heaps of tourists flock to this beach, a visit is still worth it.

Very tall limestone cliffs surround Maya Bay, and within this gulf, you’ll find several beaches- some of which only show up when it’s low tide. Exploring the marine life and coral reefs in the bay is indeed amazing.

2. Monkey Beach

Monkey Beach in Phi Phi Island

It’s obvious what you’ll see in this place- gauging from its name. Yes, it’s a colony of monkeys that live in a secluded cove in Ao Ling on a beach located on Phi Phi Don.

Every year and over the years, thousands of tourists drop by this site until such time that the monkeys have learned to interact with them as well as congenially wait to be fed.

Be careful because the monkeys are wild and they could just instinctively clamber onto your legs to search for bananas!

Regular tours allocate a small amount of time to Monkey Beach. Otherwise, if time is not an issue, you can go kayaking to explore the natural scenery around.

3. Long Beach

Long Beach

The softest and whitest beach on Koh Phi Phi you’ll find on this spot. It is situated near the Tonsai Village on Phi Phi Don island. Long Beach is a short-distance walk from the center of the island. Then again, you shouldn’t do this at night. Walking a rocky path and treading a jungle trail to Long Beach from Tonsai is best done and safe during the daytime.

An alternative is available though, and that is a 5-minute ride on a longtail boat from Phi Phi Don to the beach.

Since there are no sun loungers on it, just lay down on your towel on the sand. From the Long Beach site, you can catch a view of a big rock protruding from the water. This is known as the Shark Point, an area where you can glimpse black tip reef sharks patrolling around. Of course, you shouldn’t miss snorkeling and diving on this beach, too. Long Beach is popular for doing these activities.

4. Laem Tong Beach

Laem Tong Beach

This beach is a nirvana because it is so tranquil and secluded. It is found on the northern side of Phi Phi Don and it is perfect for chilling out. How to get to Laem Tong Beach from Tonsai Bay? Just ride a water taxi or else a longtail boat for two hours.

Feast your eyes on the turquoise sea waters surrounding the beach, along with the lush forest greeneries pervading areas like Koh Lipe on the south. Extending only one kilometer at most, you can look over a marvelous coral reef by just swimming for 10 minutes from the shore.

5. Loh Dalum Beach

Loh Dalum Beach

This beach is enclosed and protected, making its waters warmer and very shallow. You can walk further from the shore but have no worries about going too deep. At the same time, the waves here are quite mellow.

Sun loungers and umbrellas occupy a huge space of the site, that’s why there aren’t many available open areas.

Come peak season, Loh Dalum Beach gets astoundingly crowded, but it is a spot that offers a different panorama from the others and you won’t regret spending a bit of time there.

6. Bamboo Island

Bamboo Island Koh Phi Phi

This tiny island amid the Andaman Sea is wonderfully remote. It is flat, being uncovered by high rocky peaks. You get to Bamboo Island by longtail boat from Tonsai. The trip takes approximately 1 hour.

If you want to enjoy seclusion in your paradise, visit Bamboo Island on the north side of Phi Phi Don and indulge in refreshing water activities like snorkeling and diving. You can island-hop as well. Truly, a Koh Phi Phi holiday will not be complete without a visit to this island.

7. Mosquito Island

Mosquito Island

Koh Yung as it is called in Thai, Mosquito Island is among the smallest islands in Phi Phi. However, it boasts of being one of the best beaches.

What’s unique but oddly uncomfortable about this island is that, as the name implies, it is pervaded by a swarm of mosquitos come the sunset.

While keeping your safety, though, you can still find Mosquito island as a favorite diving and watersports location. You can snorkel and scuba dive there, especially at the three-headed peak found at the northeastern point of the island. Going underwater is a spectacular experience in this place where you can usually see various fish species and black-tip reef sharks.

Final Thoughts

With the above guide, you should have an idea about what the best islands and beaches to visit are when you hire a private longtail boat for a Phi Phi Island tour. Be sure to inquire and do business with a legitimate vendor.

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