Where Can You Buy Swimming Costumes On Phi Phi Island?

Phi Phi Island in Thailand is one of the best places you can be in to enjoy a splendid beach vacation. A wide range of outdoor activities awaits in this paradise. With a chill vibe, you’ll relish the tranquility of the sea and island living.

With that in mind, you’re apt to just have a fun, sunny experience, mostly with your bare skin. So the last thing on your mind would be shopping for branded items.

If indeed you want to shop in Phi Phi, it’s usually just for basic holiday items. These include your swimming attire and gear. What are the best places to do this?

There are a few prominent stores that offer original pieces and souvenirs on the island. They tend to be on sale. Then again, there are also bazaar-like shops that you can crawl into to grab unique gifts that you can take home.

This article will inform you about the best shopping places in Phi Phi Island– for your swimming costume and paraphernalia, and more!

Best Shopping Places In Phi Phi For Your Swimming Attire and Gear

1. The Phi Phi Market

This is the daily market located in Tonsai Village. When visiting this place, you’ll get to have a brief look at the daily, regular life on the island.

Local as well as exotic products abound in this area, such as fruits, seafood, and vegetables. These are what you’ll often find in the restaurants of the locale. Aside from fresh products, there are ready-made snacks available here, and in fact, they are a specialty of the island. However, they were very cheap. You can also get hold of useful products like sandals and sarong at rock-bottom prices compared to in-oriented tourist stores.

2. Namlily

As a great place for buying customized vintage dresses, you can level up your beach fashion when shopping here. Namlily happens to be just a small boutique, but it is one of the most charming and original on the island. An astute French woman runs the shop, and she features customized dresses that have been modified from vintage clothes.

Other than these one-of-a-kind pieces, Namlily offers premium handbags and accessories, some of which are vintage silver and stone gems. If you’re a fan of American-Indian, hippie, Indian and gypsy ethnic styles, you’ll love this place.

3. Tonsai East Shopping Alleyway

A line of stalls comprise this shopping avenue, and you can find them along the main path going to the Phi Phi Andaman Legacy Resort. Sarongs, T-shirts, homemade beads, shorts, and other vacation baubles are available for sale here.

Different stalls are hosted from time to time in this zone, so you cannot determine what items you can find. But in case you want to buy a beach ball or a frisbee, there’s plenty for the taking.

The same goes for accessories like hand-woven bracelets, and yes, even a stunning pair of brand sunglasses. So if you need something for your swimming and holiday activities, you’re likely going to find them at the Tonsai East Shopping Alleyway in Phi Phi.

4. Tonsai Pier Shops

As the name implies, this shopping complex is the gateway to Phi Phi Island.

Boats and ferries are welcomed to Phi Phi Island on this transport hub called the Tonsai Pier, and indeed it is bustling. Visitors arriving on the island first see this pier and it is surrounded by a host of shops. A small selection of them sells foods, souvenirs, and tickets and tours.

Farther inland, and just several steps away, there’s a large, triangular-shaped shopping complex. It is as closest to what a mall is on Phi Phi. Small local shops are housed in this area where you’ll find heaps of merchandise such as bags and luggage, electronics, and souvenirs, among others. There are several restaurants here, and most importantly, an emergency clinic.

5. 7-Eleven

This is the ultimate store for your convenience, and it is open 24/7. Everything from snacks to drinks, sunscreen, and make-up can be perused in this place.

Items and merchandise sold at Phi Phi are transported from Phuket or the mainland by boat, thus prices are expected to be elevated. Nonetheless, this is not always the case with 7-Eleven in Phi Phi because it happens to sell items cheaply. As with most convenience stores on the island, it belongs to its neighboring hotel or resort.

6. Phasaow Shop

Prices are said to be cheerful in this convenience store because it is well-stocked. Considering its size, it surprisingly offers everything that you need. You’ll find this store near the pier on Phi Phi’s main road.

You can easily grab pre-departure chows and bites in here, what with their dizzying collection of snacks, food, and drinks. Not just fresh fruits and vegetables, but they also sell crisps, candies, and chocolates. Above all, you can handily pick tourist essentials and items, such as sunblock, toiletries, massage lotion, and souvenirs, along with a variety of booze and drinks.

7. Kunstone

Upgrade your swimming fashion and accessories by shopping at Kunstone. Generally, this business is a small silver and jewelry store where you can find an array of authentic silver from Chiang Mai. You’ll chance upon a comprehensive selection of silver goods at Kunstone, not to mention different styles of jewelry, handmade armband and necklaces, and stunning pieces of accessories. Vibrant and attractive dress necklaces are offered here. You can pay via credit card in this store.

8. Mobile Phone Shops Located In Phi Phi

If you’re looking for a sim card or whatever data package, drop by this place. Everything that’s needed for communication is available here, together with action cameras, including the GoPro brand.

Thanks to these businesses you can get in touch with your loved ones anywhere in the world while you are in Phi Phi. While you’re at it, you can store all your travel and adventure footage on the island.

9. Phi Phi Island Tattoo Shops

There are over twenty of these parlors on the island, and you’ll love getting inked there with their astounding tattoo styles and designs.

Consider that a tattoo as a souvenir from your Phi Phi holiday is permanent, think about it thoroughly if you want to have one. Check the place where you’re getting inked, particularly its hygiene conditions. Seriously discuss with the tattooist the ink that you want, and as much as possible, negotiate the price.

Tattoo shops in Phi Phi use either the machine or bamboo for inking. If you want something less painful, go for bamboo, although it is somewhat pricey. Bamboo tattooing is also the traditional way of inking in Thailand.

Final Thoughts

With the above list, you should be able to find your way in Phi Phi when looking for the best places to shop for your swimming attire and accessories. If you explore and look and ask around, you’ll definitely come upon what you’re searching for.

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