Why Beach is the Best Place for Vacation

The term “vacation” means something different for each person or family. A vacation may be backcountry camping, mall hopping in the city, a historical visit to a prestigious museum, or an enjoyable trip to an amusement park. Holidays, indeed, vary.

While all of the choices mentioned above are spectacular vacation ideas, there’s one missing from the list. The fine sand between your toes, the sun kissing your skin while listening to live music, the echoes of waves crashing into the coast, and the relaxing, crystal clear waters. Can you imagine it?

A beach vacation would always be a great option when planning a getaway trip. Seriously, it’s a no-brainer. Although summer beach holidays require intensive planning and preparation nowadays, everything will be worth it once you see the kids building sandcastles and the whole family having fun while enjoying their little swimming break!

6 Reasons Why You Should Go On A Beach Vacation

We deserve a break from work, school, and all the hassles we’ve been going through in our lives all year long. A beach holiday has this so-called “healing power” for everyone seeking a fresh start and new perspectives by relishing in the breathtaking beauty of the sea and nature. Learn more about why you should book a beach for your next vacation!

1. Offers great and total relaxation

Relaxing Beach in phi phiStrolling around cities on your supposed tranquillizing vacation uses so much energy and isn’t always as revitalizing as spending quality time with your family or friends on a beach. Beach towns allow you to sit back and read a good book under the sun while listening to your go-to music playlist or podcast as you watch the waves breaking on the sandy shores.

Walking across the fine beach sand at sunset with your loved ones would always be beautiful and romantic, not to mention the unwinding beach atmosphere thanks to the natural salty sea breeze. Everyone deserves a breath of relaxing fresh air.

2. Improves overall well being

A beach holiday isn’t all fun and games. The amazing health benefits of going to beaches are also worth the extensive preparation and the long drive. As several studies suggest, natural environments, including beach destinations, offer therapeutic benefits vital in improving one’s general health.

In case you have wounds or sores, salt water can help treat them, while water minerals take care of the possible infection. In line with this, swimming can relieve a stuffy nose by removing extra mucus and clearing nasal passageways.

As we all know, sunlight provides an adequate amount of Vitamin D, which is vital for strengthening healthy bones and boosting cardiovascular health.

Furthermore, dwelling in the turquoise waters feeds the soul. The all-embracing ocean water view, commonly referred to by psychologists as “blue space,” actually calms people’s minds. Staring at an ocean is one way to wipe your problems away. We are, somehow, biologically hardwired to go to a beach at least once in our life.

3. Experience thrilling water activities

Why beach is the best place for vacationThere are misconceptions that beach vacations are only about lying around under the sun. While that is truly a part of it, you and your family can actually try many exciting beach activities that will make your heart filled with thrill and fun!

Engaging in available water sports for tourists will make your beach holiday more memorable than ever. The ocean is a vast playground of great beach activities, such as surfing, snorkelling, jet-skiing, and wakeboarding. Just always keep in mind the safety protocols of each activity to avoid possible accidents and misfortunes.

There is so much more to the beach than tanning, capturing photos, taking catnaps, and reading!

4. Get a glimpse of beach life

If you’re fortunate to have gone to a beach town, you’ll surely start to adapt to the beach culture as the days pass by. You’ll see everyone wearing tank tops, shorts, straw hats, and puka shells — smiling and enjoying their beach vacations.

If you’re not yet aware, beers and wines are pretty much a requirement in beach towns. Spend a fantastic night out with your family and new friends while dancing to live music and feasting on delicious food.

Forget your problems for a while, relax and cherish each moment passing by. Let the islanders remind you how life should be lived!

5. Take a break from gadgets

If you’re in front of your screen every day, going to the beach is an excellent opportunity to temporarily cut ties with the tech world. Electronic devices, such as laptops and cellphones, could cause problems if brought to the beach (including direct sun exposure and falling into the water), so you might as well leave them in your hotel room and start your day right!

Stroll in the seashores, build sandcastles with your family, and enjoy diving in the beach’s turquoise waters. Experience various beach activities such as island hopping, kayaking, boat ride, surfing, and beach volleyball. Trying the thrilling water sports mentioned above are also an absolute must!

Disconnect, relax, and have fun!

6. Promotes healthy relationships

healthy relationships

Travelling with your family is also a way to break familial routines and invest in healthy relationships. Several pieces of research justify how travelling repair and nourish the bond between children and parents.

Studies have found that two-thirds of dialogues between parents and their kids are about routines — household chores, school, and other primary tasks. Unfortunately, only 25% of these children talk to their parents about important things to them. In addition, 65% of parents say they rarely play with their kids. That’s sad.

However, these bothering findings can be amended by going on regular beach vacations. Running on the sand, building tall sandcastles, and all sorts of activities can be viewed as “attachment play.” Playing with your children and spending undisturbed time with them is crucial for bonding and enhancing a child’s confidence and self-worth.


Are you thinking about a summer beach vacation now? You should definitely spend a lovely time on the beach with your family and friends! Reap more benefits than you can imagine, collect happy core memories, and take a breather. You deserve it!

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