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You Guide To Koh Phi Phi Don Island's Weather

Phi Phi Island weather plays an important role in having a memorable holiday experience. The island is around 40 kilometers from Phuket and has a climate that is very similar to Phuket’s. It’s typical temperature ranges from 24 to 32 degrees Celsius all year.

Phi Phi weather pattern is typically categorized into two;

  • Summer
  • Rainy


The summers in Phi Phi start from March to May, and the temperature ranges from 27℃ to 36℃. But, the real feel of the weather seems quite hot due to humidity. These are the driest months in Phi Phi Islands, with some frequent showers to cool down the place.

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The rainy season in Phi Phi islands is the longest, and it runs from May to October. Usually, there are sunny days with heavy downpours in the evening or night. The temperature is around 28 °C to 29 °C. The humidity is quite high, and it feels hotter when it’s not raining.

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Visiting Phi Phi Islands in wet Season

Ko Phi Phi is a small island off the coast of Krabi Province, Thailand. It’s most famous for its beautiful beaches and coral reefs. The average temperature in Ko Phi Phi is about 32C (90F), but it can get quite hot during the summer months of December to February when temperatures can climb above 35C (95F). This year we expect slightly cooler weather with average temperatures in the mid-20s. The rainy season runs from May through October with occasional storms throughout the rest of the year as well. We’ll talk more about seasonal weather patterns below!


  • Humidity is the amount of water vapour in the air, measured in grams of water per cubic metre of air. It’s higher in humid months, and lower in dry months.

  • You may have noticed that your skin feels sticky when humidity is high. That’s because there is more moisture on your body than usual.


Rainfall is heaviest in the afternoon, but it can rain at night as well. The rainy season (May to October) sees an average of 100mm of rain each month.

In general and on average, you’ll get more rain from June through September than the rest of the year. July and August are particularly rainy months with over 100mm falling each month during these two months alone.


Phi Phi Island is located in the Andaman Sea and has a tropical monsoon climate. The island receives 2,859 hours of sunshine per year, which means there’s plenty of opportunities to go out and enjoy the sun. However, be aware that the rainy season is from May to October. In addition to rain showers, this time also brings some storms that can create rough waters on your trip between islands.

Rainbows are another beautiful sight you might see while visiting Phi Phi Island. They’re often seen after a storm or when it starts to rain; but you might also catch a glimpse of one during an overcast day if there’s enough moisture in the air!

Seasonal Weather

Phi Phi has two distinct seasons: the dry season and the rainy season. During the dry season, which lasts from November through April, you’ll experience hot and humid weather with temperatures in the 80s. The rainy season is somewhat more unpredictable, but it generally falls between May to October. With some exceptions, most years see rain once or twice per month during this time of year.

If your visit coincides with one of these months without a break in between them—in other words if you’re going between November and December or January through March—you may find yourself wondering how long it will be until it stops raining (or vice versa).

This is a general weather guide to Ko Phi Phi. The information here is used to describe the climate and weather trends of this region. For example, we may say that “generally average temperatures are 28C (82F) with the hottest months being from April to May”.

The weather on Ko Phi Phi can be described as warm most of the year, with a dry season from December to February and rainy season from July to September.

The average temperatures range from 25C (77F) to 32C (89.6F). The hottest months are April through May, when temperatures are in the mid-to-high 30s C or low 90s F. These months also tend to be drier than other times of the year, with little rain or humidity. The coolest month is usually January with average lows around 21C (70F) and highs around 29C (85F), while overnight lows will stay in the low 20s C or high 70s F range.

During monsoon season between May and October, it’s not uncommon for rainstorms lasting several hours at a time in certain areas such as Krabi Province where these storms tend occur more frequently due its geographical location near both Andaman Sea and Gulf of Thailand. Most rainfall occurs during afternoon showers rather than overnight like seen elsewhere around Thailand where rain tends come down harder overnight so plan accordingly if visiting during this time period!


We hope this guide has been helpful for you in planning your trip to Ko Phi Phi. As always, we recommend checking the weather forecast before travelling and packing accordingly.

Water, golden sands, and gorgeous seascapes abound on Koh Phi Phi, an Asian paradise. The tropical splendor of Phi Phi and the contagious island spirit have made it one of Thailand’s most popular tourist destinations.

The best time to visit Phi Phi is between November and April, when the tourist season is at its peak. The weather is milder and more pleasant, with light to heavy showers on occasion. Between January and April, Phi Phi’s summer season reaches its pinnacle.

The best time to visit Phi Phi is between November and March, when humidity is at its lowest and temperatures average 28°C with cool breezes.

Each year, the Phi Phi islands receive an average of 2,400 millimeters (94.5 inches) of rain.

January begins with highs and lows ranging from 32 degrees Fahrenheit (89.6 degrees Fahrenheit) to 23 degrees Fahrenheit (73.4 degrees Fahrenheit), with little probability of rain, making this the coldest month of the year.

With an average of 68mm of rain in December, the amount of rain is usual (2.7in). On average, it rains for ten days. The average maximum daily temperature is 31.4 degrees Celsius (88.52 degrees Fahrenheit). During the month, the sun will appear on occasion, with 181 hours of sunshine.

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