Phi Phi Island Rainy Season

Wet Season in Phi Phi Island

The chain of Phi Phi Islands is a paradise on earth and a global tourist destination. It has everything for every kind of tourist: nature’s calmness, adventures, relaxations, partying, and whatnot. So, there are moderate to high rainfalls in the wet season in Phi Phi islands. It’s off-season, but it has its advantages too. So, if you’re planning to hop on the island in the wet season, go through this ultimate guide. Let’s have a look!

Rainy Season in Phi Phi Islands

The rainy season in Phi Phi islands is the longest, and it runs from May to October. Usually, there are sunny days with heavy downpours in the evening or night. The temperature is around 28 °C to 29 °C. The humidity is quite high, and it feels hotter when it’s not raining.

There’s a huge diversity of rainfall in Phi Phi islands as some places experience rainfall and others do not. So, take the help of local temperature forecasts to make your trip more enjoyable.

Phi Phi Weather
Krabi, TH
4:35 pm, May 18, 2024
temperature icon 34°C
few clouds
Humidity 62 %
Pressure 1004 mb
Wind 8 mph
Wind Gust: 0 mph
Visibility: 0 km
Sunrise: 6:05 am
Sunset: 6:36 pm

Good Side of Visiting Phi Phi Islands in wet Season

Visiting Phi Phi Islands in wet Season

So, if you feel like exploring the majestic islands in the wet season, what can be the plus points. Well, here are some:

1. It Will the Most Affordable Trip

The biggest advantage of planning a trip to Phi Phi Islands in the wet season is low costs. It’s the off-season and most appropriate time to have a budget trip. The hotel prices will be at an all-time low, with low adventure, transport fees, etc. 

2. Less Crowd Means More fun

Yes, you will notice very few travelers at the Phi islands. It’s the best time if you’re looking for tranquility and want to avoid crowds. There will be no queue, no rush, and you will be the first to be attended.

3. Experience Something new

During peak season, there is always a rush to experience and enjoy the palaces quickly. All the hotels and adventure companies are in a hurry to make money. But in the rainy season, you can have your time by exploring the things you couldn’t explore in the peak season.

4. Locals Will Thank you

The last thing is the locals will thank you for providing them monetary aid during the off-season. Major people of Phi islands dwell on tourism, so it will be a blessing for them to have business during monsoons. 

What to do in Phi Phi Islands on a Rainy day?

One sunny day you can hire long-tail boats, do island hopping, visit beaches and bays. Also, you can hike, try adventures, rock climbing, and much more. Of course, all the monsoon days will not be rainy, but there will be a few days when it’s pouring. So, what can you do on those days as the Phi Phi island’s trip is mostly open air? Well, here is the list of some amazing things.

1. Get Professional Thai Massage

Thai massage has been an art and culture prevalent for years. The natural ingredients and techniques used are rejuvenating. You can find plenty of massage parlors, high-end spas for massage, scrubs, and herbal baths on rainy days. The massage-like Thai herbal massage, Pinda massage, foot massage, etc., are very beneficial for the body and mind. So, take a day off and enjoy it starting from just 100 baht at Tonsai and nearby towns and beaches.

2. Check Shops of Local Artists

There are plenty of local artists who paint, make artistic pieces, organize shows for art, music, and dance. You can find them near Tonsai village; you can locate shops where you can buy paintings as artists paint exact pictures from a photo. You can explore the artists, purchase pieces, and support them during the off-season. And taking home a souvenir is a must from any trip.

3. Go Shopping

Yes, Tonsai village and nearby shops are great hubs for shopping. You can buy high-quality footwear, clothes, and accessories. Thailand exports many items, and you can avail of them for far lower rates; bargaining is a must. So shop around the streets for a fulfilling experience.

4. Learn Basics of Thai Cooking

Do you know the professionals who arrange tailor-made Thai cooking classes for travelers? Yes, you can take custom courses for a day or even five days. They teach your origins of Thai food, basics, curries, sauces, and all the flavors. So, take home some additional skills from this trip to Thailand in monsoons.

5. Get a Tattoo

Phi Phi islands are full of tattoo artists. So, go for a tattoo and always choose a safe and hygienic place. They can make almost everything from small to extensive tattoos. So, create memories on a trip and cherish them forever.

6. Scuba Diving is Possible

Who says adventure on rainy days is not possible? You can try your skills at scuba diving as it’s a deep ocean activity. The downpour only affects the upper layer of the sea. So, hire a trainer, get gears and try diving to witness the incredible marine life of Phi Phi islands. 

7. Enjoy Nightlife and Explore Amazing Food

The parties don’t stop due to rains, so experience the ultimate nightlife of islands by hopping some good bars, pubs, and restaurants. They have live music and dance with good food. Also, explore Thai cuisines, western dishes in some famous restaurants and cafes. 

Rainy Season Essentials Checklist for Phi Phi Islands

Here’s a quick list of all the essentials to pack for a rainy season trip to Phi Phi Islands:

1. Rain Jackets

Go for waterproof thin rain jackets. They are lightweight, do not take space, and save you from unexpected downpours.

2. Monsoon-friendly footwear

Your footwear must not absorb or collect water. Go for waterproof shoes, sandals, or crocs.

3. Travel umbrella

A large travel umbrella can come in handy at times of heavy downpour. You can buy it in local markets.

4. Mosquito repellents

A good quality mosquito repellent is most important. The humidity welcomes many mosquitoes, which can be bothersome.

5. Fast-drying essentials

Fast drying towels with fast-drying clothes are advisable for hassle-free quick drying.

6. Extras

Always carry extra pairs of socks, footwear, and clothes during monsoons with waterproof bags for electronics.

Summing up

Well, traveling in the monsoon season is completely a tourist’s choice. You may or may not find advantages in traveling in this season. So, if you’re planning to visit in the wet season, make the most of the trip by exploring the island, even on rainy days. Carry the essentials and have a peaceful and adventurous journey.