Hot season in Phi Phi Island

The glorious Phi Phi Islands located in the Andaman Sea are 46 km away from Phuket. The six islands of Phi Phi are a paradise for travelers as they offer never-ending beauty, adventures, parties, and much more. It’s a complete package for all types of tourists who love art, music, dance, yoga, and massages with some adventures.

So, being at a truly tropical location, the summers in Phi Phi islands are hot. So, let’s look at what this season offers and a complete guide to summers for all the tourists (See Phi Phi weather).

The Summers in Phi Phi Islands

The summers in Phi Phi start from March to May, and the temperature ranges from 27℃ to 36℃. But, the real feel of the weather seems quite hot due to humidity. These are the driest months in Phi Phi Islands, with some frequent showers to cool down the place.

The trip to Phi Phi Islands can be very economical as maximum tourists love to visit in the winter. But, the summers are relatively tolerable as the island offers luxury stays, and the breeze by the beach is good. Also, the showers help to neutralize the heat.

The benefit of planning a trip in the summer is that it is off-season, and one can find great deals at hotels and for experiencing water island adventures. Also, if you love a crowd less and a calm environment, it’s the best time. But, you’ve to take care of blazing heat, and there are enough ways to tackle it. 

Explore Phi Phi Islands in Summer

Explore Phi Phi Islands in Summer

Try the following activities for having the best summer vacation in Phi Phi Islands:

1. Experience Thai New Year

The Thai new year known as Songkran is celebrated from April 13th to April 15th. The three-day-long festival is a delight to watch as it’s called a water festival. To beat the heat, locals celebrate the new year by throwing water at each other. Also, there are night parties, music, dances, and many festivals. So you can witness this absolute delight in summers and celebrate with locals.

People splash water with buckets, guns, pipes and have interesting water fights. It’s a celebration time and best to enjoy competitions, various fests, and observe the beauty of the Thai new year.

2. Morning Hike to Phi Phi Viewpoint

The morning hike in summer is perfect for enjoying glorious sunrises at Phi Phi Islands. The temperature at dawn is pleasant and saves you from the daytime heat. From the heart of Phi Phi islands, Koh Phi Don island, you can take east from tonsai village. Take stairs or hike to the elevated viewpoint. Or, opt for a shared taxi, cabs, or rent a bike if you don’t feel like sweating. Witness shining water, white sand, palm trees, and cliffs from the point. Take photos and watch the sunrise. 

3. Night Parties by the Beach

Summers call for night parties, and at this time, Phi Phi island is partying hard, and one reason is the Thai new year. There are summer festivals in many resorts, bars, and pubs. There are Amazing locations at Phi Phi Don, which have fire shows, live music, dances at bars and pubs. So, sip your drinks before the beach and party till dawn. 

4. Water Activities in the Evening

The summers are best for exploring water adventures. The top beaches are Tonsai Beach, Tonsai Bay, Long Beach, Monkey Beach, Maya Bay, Moo Dee Bay, Nui Beach, etc. You can try kayaking, snorkeling, diving, surfing, boating, etc. Also, you can take up certificate courses or do it for a one-time experience. Several water adventures are full of thrill. So, contact companies on the beach for all the information.

5. Yoga and Massage Sessions at Dawn

You can take certificate courses in yoga and massages. The professionals take you to serene locations of the Phi islands and teach yoga, Postures, and much more. Also, you can take up Thai herbal massages, which truly relax your mind and body. There are some top-notch institutes, spas, and professionals, and you must experience it at least once.

6. Hire A Long-Tailed Boat

This is the most comfortable way to explore the mind-blowing islands of Phi. You can hire a private or shared long-tailed boat to explore the islands. Spend time, relax, watch sunsets, enjoy Thai delicacies and have a view of the islands. 

7. Rock Climbing in the Morning

Tonsai Bay and Railay beach are world-famous sports for rock climbers. The limestone cliffs give a panoramic view of the islands. So, climb these cliffs with the help of trainers by following all safety protocols.

Summer Essentials for Phi Phi Islands

Here is a quick list of summer essentials for hopping in Phi Phi islands:

  • Beach holidays and tanning go hand in hand. But, protect yourself from the scorching heat effect on the skin with the help of high SPF sunscreen. So, sunscreen is a must.
  • Carry pure Aloe Vera gel. It comes in handy in case of rashes from water activities. Also, it’s good for sunburns.
  • Bring mosquito repellents. The relative humidity is high in summers and the mosquitoes, so a mosquito repellent cream is a must.
  • Always carry breezy clothes, like linen, viscose rayon, or cotton. 
  • A sun hat or cap is a very important essential with sunglasses.
  • A carry bag with all the essentials is very important. It can be a backpack or tote bag with all your needs to keep your important things safe.
  • A collapsible water bottle is a good option. The dehydration may make you feel exhausted. So, refill and always stay hydrated.
  • A quick-dry small towel comes in handy as you may be involved in water activities and sweat a lot.
  • Rash Guard is necessary for all the water babies. The water adventures and sun can lead to rash; opt for cute rash guards that are readily available.

Summing Up

Any time Phi Phi Island is beautiful because the islands offer so much. The incredible marine life, turquoise water, white sand, nightlife, shops, eateries, etc., are outstanding. So, if you’re planning your trip in the summers, take your summer essentials and try exploring the island at dawn, dusk, and night. If you take cautious steps beforehand, the trip will be worthwhile.